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4 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Well

Waking up is exhausting or even painful for some. Getting only a few hours of sleep every night can be frustrating. Say goodbye to poor sleep with physical therapy.

Experts at [sc name=”clinic-name”][/sc] explain four reasons you aren’t sleeping well. That’s right—these solutions work for more than just healing muscle aches and pains. Read on to learn how to use physical therapy to improve sleep and restore energy.

#1 – You Aren’t Running Enough

Getting the right amount of daily physical activity is essential to quality sleep. Most adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. Running promotes a physical routine and builds muscle and joint strength.

For some individuals, stationary workspaces make this habit challenging to achieve. Still, an outdoor walk or light jog on your break or after hours can make a noticeable difference. 

Partner with a physical therapist to develop a running routine that works for you. These professionals will give you pointers on how to improve your mobility and endurance. Doing so will help establish sound physical activity habits to improve sleep.

#2 – Poor Bedtime Routines

A poor bedtime routine sets the stage for a night of tossing and turning. Your body responds to environments more than you may realize. Create a relaxing space before bed and avoid too many bright lights or screens.

Try to avoid eating right before bed. Specific diets can cause uncomfortable digestion patterns during a sleep cycle that keep you awake. 

Racing thoughts and worries can reduce sleep quality as well. A physical therapist will help you reduce stress and anxiety through exercise. These solutions help you form relaxing routines before falling asleep.

#3 – Your Sleep Positions Cause Pain

Sleeping in the wrong position can also prevent you from getting complete rest. As a result, you may deal with stiffness, pain, and stress throughout the day. 

Poor sleeping habits are tricky to break. Physical therapy helps you develop routines that promote comfort during sleep. Therapy sessions focus on muscle and joint restoration so you can lie comfortably at night without pain.

Some people manage a spinal cord injury, which makes comfortably laying down challenging. Therapists will work with these individuals to create strategies for their condition.

#4 – You Are Managing Other Health Conditions

Other health problems can cause pain and discomfort during sleep. Injuries and stress will reduce sleep and create sleep patterns that persist even after recovery. Avoid these situations by seeking reliable physical therapy.

A professional will identify the source of the stiffness. You can restore and improve your sleep patterns using the proper methods and wisdom. 

Physical therapy offers an affordable and non-invasive solution to getting needed sleep. By managing pain and ensuring quality rest, you reinforce your overall health for the future.

How To Find a Physical Therapist

Now that you know how physical therapy can improve sleep habits, the next step is to find a health facility. Credible professionals offer websites and online resources that promote healthy living. Reach out to these therapists and see which services they offer.

You can find a range of solutions depending on your concerns:

  • Sports medicine
  • Nutrition training
  • Injury recovery
  • Running therapy
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Balance and mobility therapy
  • Massage therapy

Athletes and adults can enjoy dozens of medically driven strategies to improve their health. Better health leads to better sleep. 

If you are unsure which therapy is right for you, speak to a facility representative to book a consultation. A doctor will review your medical history and recommend a suitable treatment, getting you back to doing what you love.

Start Running Therapy Today

Running therapy is an excellent option to improve your sleep at night. [sc name=”clinic-name”][/sc] offers high-quality running therapy to promote healthy routines and physical fitness. We ensure that each patient has the information they need to track their progress.

Our facilities offer comfortable environments where you can relax while focusing on your treatment. Speak to our staff to learn more about what running therapy can do for you.

Schedule an appointment with [sc name=”clinic-name”][/sc] today. Call [sc name=”phone-number”][/sc] for any questions or concerns you may have about our physical therapy services.


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