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Foot Pain

David Wetzel

Physical Therapist
Owner & Founder

In-Home Physical Therapy understands your frustration and will help you reduce pain, reach your goals, and get back to living life on your own terms. Don’t let foot pain stand in the way of your life when we have real, natural solutions waiting for you.

Foot Pain In-Home Physical Therapy Salt Lake County, Utah

If this sounds like you — you’re in the right place.

Here at In Home Physical Therapy, we know how frustrating it is to struggle with foot pain on a daily basis.

Ever since the pain started, you haven’t been able to truly feel like yourself.

Your lifestyle is changing because you don’t want to do anything to potentially make the pain worse (especially if it’s already bad).

There are so many aspects of your life that you’re missing out on—but without being able to find relief from the pain, it’s impossible for you to do what you want.

Instead of living life on your own terms, you’re now limited to the activities you can do because of foot pain.

You find yourself wondering if life is always going to be like this. You’ve waited and waited for the pain to go away and have tried many ways to get rid of the pain, but nothing seems to be working how you hoped it would.

Because of foot pain…

You’ve tried multiple ways to find relief, but keep ending up disappointed.

Any athlete will tell you how important your feet are, and how time consuming healing solutions can be. We have developed a quicker method of healing feet. From strains, to sprains, tendon inflammation-plantar myofasciitis, transplants, and fracture repairs-complete rehabilitation is essential for stability. With over 80 years of experience our foot pain specialists have a solution for you.

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Maybe You’ve Tried…

The problem with these options is that they’re only providing you with temporary relief (or surgery, which you definitely don’t want!)

The Truth is

You’re tired of missing out and you’re tired of waking up every day in pain.

You wonder if this is something you’re just going to learn how to deal with…but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case.

Despite what you may think—there are real, natural solutions to your foot pain waiting for you.

What you need is a skilled provider that knows how to properly treat foot pain to get you back to feeling your very best.

That’s Where We Come In

Here at In Home Physical Therapy, we help people, just like you, who are struggling with foot pain find the relief they’ve been tirelessly searching for.

We know how terrible it is to deal with foot pain on a daily basis and we’re ready to work with you to achieve the relief you need to feel like yourself again.

All you have to do is contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your foot pain, how it’s been making you feel, and the options available to you for treatment.

How Is In Home Physical Therapy Different From The Rest?

You may be wondering, “How is In Home PT different from the rest? Will I actually find the relief I’m looking for?”

We know how intimidating it can be when it comes to making a treatment decision for your health. That’s why we want you to know that we value your time. We know that you’ve tried everything possible to find relief and have been left disappointed.

We don’t want that for you anymore.

Our team at In Home are skilled physical therapists who know how to treat pain correctly and efficiently so you can get back to your desired lifestyle.

Our passion lies in helping people correct the problems that are taking over their life so they can feel good again. Foot pain has taken a toll on your life and it’s time for us to help you.

We strive for long-term results for our patients—and we get them. This is because we understand deeply how foot pain affects the way you live. We’re here to help and to let you know, that no matter what age you are, foot pain isn’t something you have to learn how to live with!

We’ll help you find the results you can’t find anywhere else.

With Your Physical Therapist, You Can Expect…

Foot Pain In-Home Physical Therapy Salt Lake County, Utah

In Home PT will help you reach your goals and reduce foot pain so you can feel like yourself again and return to the lifestyle and activities you love.

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