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Insurance Options In Home Physical Therapy

David Wetzel

Physical Therapist
Owner & Founder

Physical Therapy insurance options can sometimes be extremely confusing. Especially if you are over 65 and have multiple insurance providers. We understand how complex the medical insurance game can be, that’s why it very important to us at In Home Physical Therapy, that you are clear about which insurance providers we can accept. Please review the list of insurance providers below. If your particular insurance carrier is not listed, please give us a call so we can explain in detail, all of the payment options available to you. Also, please check back often, as our list of providers is constantly changing.

Insurance Provider List

How Does In Home Physical Therapy Stand Out From The Rest?

You may be wondering right now — “What makes In Home Physical Therapy stand out from the rest? How am I going to get better results than everything else I’ve already tried?”