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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About In Home Physical Therapy
Kayla Benson
I’ve worked with Mr. David Wetzel for about six months and have really enjoyed it. He is very easy to work with, cares deeply for each of his patients and is innovative with solutions. He truly cares about finding a therapy method that heals and betters people’s lives. Great physical therapist!
Craig D.
Since working with In Home Physical Therapy, I have noticed a lot of changes with respect to my health challenges. I am now able to climb stairs much easier. My heel to toe walking gait is much more fluid and natural. I have also noticed that my overall balance has improved. I am so thankful my physician recommended this company. It has helped so much. Oh, I am able to walk faster than before as well.
Renae A.
In Home Physical Therapy prepared me for my surgery, January 2019. They came to my home, which was easier and more convenient for me. After my surgery I have noticed I am walking faster and easier. Frequently I am able to walk without the use of my walker. Their water therapy has greatly increased my mobility. By excercising with weights I have been able to improve my balance and stability with less fatigue. I am grateful that my doctor referred me to David Wetzel and his team.
Roger A.
In Home Physical Therapy staff are very accomplished and know their profession well. I liked the in home therapy and it has worked out very well for me. I have improved my balance, strength and my ability to climb stairs. They have introduced me to lots of new exercises such as, walking on flat surfaces, eye hand coordination, water therapy, and more. I would recommend them to anyone for effective rehabilitation therapy.

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